About Us

This unique childcare center was opened in 1992 as a result of a county-wide survey that indicated a need for childcare for children with disabilities.  As a result, Wilma Valentine Childcare (formerly Wilma Valentine Creative Learning Center) was opened to give an opportunity for all children to receive care in a more individualized childcare setting. We know that all kids are working on learning how to work and play alongside each other.  We provide a setting where it is safe for them to learn this skill and where they are welcome to learn and grow.  We serve children who are aged 3-5 so that they can attend preschool at either Shelby Hills Early Childhood Center preschool program or the Sidney City School preschool, Whittier Early Childhood Center, as part of their learning experience.  Partnering with these preschool programs, our children get the support and learn the content they need for kindergarten enrollment.  We are open from 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on a year-round schedule.  We have an excellent summer program that allows the children field trip experiences out in the community 2 days per week.

Key Staff

Nancy Stiefel


Samantha Macy

Fiscal Manager and Administrative Assistant

Kim Cummins

Program Coordinator

Sara Mann

Assistant Program Coordinator

Tina Butts

Childcare Assistant

Tracy Porath

Childcare Assistant

Mary Rodriguez

Childcare Assistant

Lizzie Bar

Childcare Assistant

Whitney Petty

Childcare Assistant

Wilma Valentine Childcare Board of Directors

Danielle Yingst


Annette Lochard


Jeff Fannon


Tiffany Rank

Heather Roe-McClain

Angie Ross

Lori Knupp